Protect Yourself From Fraud

Protect Yourself

You can take action to protect your identity, your personal information and the security of your accounts.

BE AWARE!  Credit/Debit card skimmers are on the rise nationally and in the KC Metro area. A “skimmer” is a device inserted over a card reader to capture sensitive data. Another component to the device is a camera which snapshots the PIN number. This information is quickly gathered to produce counterfeit cards to withdraw money from ATMs or used for point-of-sale purchases. For further details on avoiding Credit/Debit card skimmers, please click here.

Adding a card travel notification can help minimize the chances of your debit/credit card being blocked for unusual or out of pattern transaction activity. Log into online banking for additional details or contact our Customer Service department at 913-381-3311.

Fraud & Identity Theft Resources

Check out the following links for tips and suggestions on keeping your online and offline transactions secure.

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